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Toro Bravo Tours 

Ride along the beautiful trails and beaches with the best horseback riding tours in town. Toro Bravo offers a private and personalized riding experience that you will never forget. Our well-trained horses are sure to impress and provide a safe and enjoyable ride.

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Surf Lessons 

Our surf lessons are a must-do if you're visiting Nosara! Experience the thrill of surfing with locals who are fluent in both English and Spanish. Whether you're just starting out or looking to refine your skills, our instructors provide a personalized experience for surfers of all levels. And with clean and pristine ocean waters, you can focus on enjoying the ride to the fullest.

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Wellness in Nosara

Take the first step on your path to wellness with Angela Howell’s comprehensive range of services. From massage to breathwork and yoga, Angela offers the personalized care you need to feel your best. Trust in her expertise to help you unwind, destress, and renew your mind and body.

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